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Nader Adnan Zreikat

Established Mazaya Law Firm in 2008 . The Firm adopts a holistic approach to law and utilises a diverse team of certified lawyers, specialised in various disciplines. The broad scope of legal practice and experience in the local and regional markets enables the Firm to handle cases efficiently and competently. The Firm offers a wide array of legal services, ranging from consultancy and technical services, contract services, analytical legal studies, intellectual property rights, and representation in matters pertaining to the labour code, general income, sale taxes law and personal status.

Our Firm

Mazaya Law Firm is a pioneering law firm within the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan; the idea for incorporating this law firm emerged after transforming from the individual law offices system to the system of law firm with the view to attain a comprehensiveness of work through the availability of certified lawyers staff specialized in various disciplines of law on one hand, and the achievement of specialty concept of work through such various and specialized staff on the other hand.

Mazaya Law Firm carries out all types of work related to companies, whether by registration, licensing and management control thereof, and drafting the various bylaws of the companies, such as administrative regulations, user regulations and financial regulations review to ensure the extent of compliance with the law, in addition to the works of corporate restructuring.

The Firm has certified practitioners in order to carry out various law activities before civil courts, and to act as attorneys to bring actions on rights and defense before courts of various types and degrees, before arbitrators and public prosecution department, and before all administrative authorities, and public and private institutions. In general, to carry out all actions included within the private powers of attorney executed by Mazaya Law Firm.

Additionally, the Firm provides various legal services, such as consultant and technical services; contract services and drafting and discussion thereof; preparation of detailed and analytic studies of such contracts and provision of suggestions that the Firm deemed consistent with the interest of its constituent and the translation thereof; it also provides several legal specialties to deal with the Intellectual Property Laws, the Labor Code and General Income and Sale Taxes Law.