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Practice Areas

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Legal Consultations Department

This Department constitutes of a specialized team that works on providing legal consultations to the clients of the Firm around the clock.

- The team works on receiving the legal consultations in various disciplines of the law using all means, whether via the website, phone, fax, or otherwise, then studying them and providing the legal advice as soon as possible based on the high expertise of this team.
- This Department also works on preparing all types of legal contracts and agreements; such as sale, purchase, lease, work, partnership and other agreements.

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Department of Cases and Courts

This Department constitutes of a team specialized in studying and preparation of cases and pleading thereof before all civil and special courts of various stages.

- This Department works on studying the various legal aspects of all cases then informing the clients of the legal position, the course of the case and the future expectations thereon.
- This Department works on attempting to amicably settling disputes between all parties and reaching amicable solution prior to resorting to the courts, including arbitration and dispute settlement procedures.
- It is a specialized department in all types of cases, whether cases on rights or otherwise, and of various commercial, labor, real estate and other cases, in addition to the criminal cases of all types.

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Department of Investment and Commercial Companies

This Department has a team with high expertise and knowledge in the area of commercial companies that works on:

- Provision of advice and consultations to investors on the mechanism of investment and the sectors to invest in, investment procedures, exemption and privileges that an investor may enjoy within the territories of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
- Preparatory activities prior to commencement of any commercial project.
- Registration of commercial companies of various types, including those foreign onshore and offshore companies within the Kingdom.
- Follow up of companies and investors affairs after registration of companies.
- Drafting of bylaws and work regulations of companies.
- Restructuring, merger and transformation of companies from a type to another.
- Companies liquidation or registration writing off thereof.

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Arbitration Department

This Department is run by staff specialized in arbitration- related disputes through specialized arbitrators in this area who are experienced in acting as arbitrators in all disputes related to arbitration, especially within the scope of companies and international and local commercial contracts, so that an arbitrator carries out the arbitration procedures in such capacity, in addition to the case arising from or in connection with the arbitration, such as arbitration awards execution cases, and cases on invalidity of arbitration and other proceedings.

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Personal Status Department

This Department works through a specialized team in personal status issues of all religious sects, including the issues of divorce, alimony, custodianship, inheritance and other matters within the scope of this field.

- This department is specialized in cases related to personal status.

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Department of Intellectual Property and Industrial and Commercial Property

This Department is formed of a team specialized in the area of intellectual property (copyright), and industrial and commercial property of various fields, whether trademarks, patents, brand names or industrial devices, as the team works on registering these rights, protecting and defending them by legal means and providing legal advice thereon.